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Solomon Islands People and Culture

Rennell Island and Marovo Lagoon


Rennell Island

Polynesian girl on coconut palm
Preparing rocks for barbecue
Preparing fish for barbecue
Barbecuing reef fish
Old lady
Traditional eel fishing
Outrigger canoe
Kids with my camera
Traditional Rennell tattoo
Earth oven, removing food
Old man and outrigger
Girl bathing in coastal spring
Traditional canoe Lake Tenggano


Marovo Lagoon

Skulls of the ancestors horizontal
Skulls of the ancestors
Weaving products
Ecotimber rolling log with pulley
Ecotimber rolling log
Ecotimber squaring log
Ecotimber cutting planks
Ecotimber cutting planks 2
Ecotimber stacked planks
Ivory nut turtle carving
Ivory nut carvings
Master carver and carving
Tachoava Ecolodge
Matikuri Ecolodge
Ecolodge Marovo Lagoon
Child with Mum
Children on fish spotting tower
Kayakers at Matikuri
Carving stone bowl Biche Village
Stone figurine Biche Village
Finishing stone bowl Biche Village
Cracking Ngali nuts (Canarium sp.) Biche
Surfing Biche Village
Marovo child
Child in tree, Marovo Lagoon







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