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Family Bothriembryontidae

The family Bothriembryontidae (formerly Placostylidae) is Gondwanan in distribution. There are at least ten genera in this family. Members of the genus Placostylus are large, herbivorous snails found in the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Lord Howe island. The three New Zealand species are protected and considered emdangered. This is probably true of the entire genus wherever they are found as introduced competitors and mammalian predators make life difficult.

Placostylus kantavuensis Kadavu Land Snail

Placostylus kantavuensis Land snail Kadavu med res IMGP8479

Placostylus kantavuensis Kadavu Land Snail - IMGP8479

Placostylus kantavuensis Kadavu IMGP8471

Placostylus kantavuensis Kadavu Land Snail IMGP8471


Placostylus snail IMG_0935

Placostylus snail IMG_0935. Photo by Nunia Thomas-Moko and reproduced with thanks.




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