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Crypsis or Camouflage


Scorpaenopsis oxycephala tasseled scorpionfish exhibiting brilliant camouflage (crypsis)
Synanceia verrucosa reef stonefish, Raja Ampat, Indonesia
A face only its mother could love. Synanceia verrucosa reef stonefish, Raja Ampat, Indonesia
camouflaged tasselled wobbegong photo
A brilliantly cryptic Tasselled wobbegong Eucrossorhinus dasypogon merging into the bottom. Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua.
Dragonet well camouflaged against its substrate
Pygmy seahorse on seafan
Flounder on sand
Camouflaged rock pool blenny
Camouflaged Threespot flounder
Ceratobatrachus guentheri Solomons frog brilliantly camouflaged against leaf litter
Camouflaged Solomon's frog
Vietnamese moss frog
Maud Island frog camouflaged on leaf litter
Xenocarcinus tuberculatus Camouflaged spider crab on seawhip
Spider crab on seawhip
Cyclocoeloma tuberculata with soft corals
Spider crab and soft corals
Spindle cowrie on seawhip. Mantle matches retracted polyps of host (victim). Fiji.
Cryptic spindle cowrie with partially retracted mantle
Cryptic spindle cowrie with partially retracted mantle, from above.
Cryptic spindle cowrie species 2 on seafan
Onchidium damelii?, a pulmonate mollusc, Sulawesi (the colour and texture is the animal's ... this is not a coating of mud ... I washed the thing to make sure)
Leaf katydid, Solomon Islands
Predatory katydid, Costa Rica
Leaf katydid, Costa Rica
Well-camouflaged Spur-winged plover chicks and egg



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