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Family Cyclopteridae

According to Fishbase there are 27 species of lumpfish in 8 genera. Lumpfishes are found in the North Atlantic and Pacific with the greatest diversity in the North Pacific. Poor swimmers and lacking a swim bladder they have highly modified pectoral fins which enable them to suction to rocks. While most live on the continental shelf and are benthic, other species are primarily pelagic in deep water. Males guard the eggs. The continental shelf species feed primarily on marine invertebrates while the pelagic species eat ctenophores and other jellies. The lumpsucker depicted here is an important food fish, particulalry in Iceland.


Cyclopterus lumpus Lumpsucker or lumpfish

Cyclopterus lumpus Lumpsucker or lumpfish, captive 20171205_161618.jpg

Cyclopterus lumpus Lumpsucker or lumpfish, captive







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