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Family Eleotridae

According to FishBase there are 150 species of the Eleotridae in 35 genera.

Eleotrids are usually small (the biggest reaches nearly 60 cm however). They are found in fresh, brackish and salt water. In some parts of the world, most notably the tropical Pacific islands and temperate New Zealand they have become important components of the freshwater fish fauna. In many Pacific Island streams large sleeper gobies, along with eels, may be the top predators. Sleeper gobies are also found in inland Australia where some of them have a very restricted range.

Superficially the eleotrids look like gobies but lack the pelvic sucker that is usually characteristic of gobies. Unlike gobies they never have a sub-terminal mouth. Most gobies hug the bottom but many eleotrids hover in mid-water. Butis butis is common in Fijian mangroves. This species, sometimes called the crazy fish seems ot have no sense of what is right and proper - it will swim or hunt in an upside down posture apparently as easily as the right way up.

In Fiji the endemic Hypseleotris guntheri may be endangered through competition with introduced cichlids and mosquito fish.

Another eleotrid, Parioglossus taeniatus, is often found in small schools in Fijian mangroves. It is an accomplished jumper with an extraordinarily flexible backbone which enables it to turn around in very confined spaces. This species, along with the crazy fish, is on my photographic target list on my next Fiji visit if I can find some clean water mangroves.


Giuris margaritacea Ornate sleeper, Snake-headed gudgeon

Ophieleotris aporos, Vitilevu, Fiji

FISH 7577 Giuris margaritacea previously Ophieleotris aporos, Vitilevu, Fiji

FISH 7576 Giuris margaritacea, Vitilevu, Fiji.

Gobiomorphus huttoni Red-finned bully

Gobiomorphus huttoni (red-finned bully)

Gobiomorphus huttoni Red-finned bully, New Zealand (aquarium shot).

Hypseleotris guentheri Rainbow prigi

Hypseleotris guentheri Rainbow prigi Fiji (family Eleotridae)

Hypseleotris guentheri Rainbow prigi, Fiji.







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