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Fiji - People and Culture

Preparing block for carving
Carving small tanoa (bowl)
Navala Village (Traditional)
Navala Village
Making mat
Fijian man in pool Vatulele
Craftsmen working on canoe
Fire walkers at Deuba Cultural Centre
Fire walker (Beqa)
Firewalkers after walk Beqa
Man weaving coconut frond basket
Man weaving coconut frond
Hindu temple (Nadi)
Hindu temple detail (Nadi)
Hindu temple (Nadi)
Resort Band
Resort Band
Pretty Fijian woman
Making a fan from coconut frond
Completed fan
Baby being washed in bucket
Kava ceremony
Washing clothes in stream
Woman selling shells
Drua or double canoe
Children wave goodbye during sunset
Fijian soldier on guard duty
Drying Beche-de-Mer (Trepang)







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