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Fire-bellied toads

Common name

Asian fire-bellied toad Bombina bombina Common fire-bellied toad (captive)
Bombina orientalis Oriental fire-bellied toad (captive)


True toads

Common name

Atelopus zeteki Panamanian golden frog or harlequin frog (captive)
Bufo boreas Boreal toad (captive)
Bufo campbelli Rain forest toad (Belize)
Bufo cognatus Great Plains toad (captive)
Bufo haemetiticus Litter toad (captive)
  Bufo lemur Puerto Rican crested toad
  Bufo terrestris Southern toad (Florida)
  Pedostibes hosii Yellow-spotted climbing toad (captive)
  Rhaebo guttatus Smooth-sided toad (Guyana)
  Rhinella marina Giant toad (cane toad, marine toad)


Glass frogs

Common name

Espadarana prosoblepon Emerald glass frog (Costa Rica)
Cochranella granulosa Glass frog (Costa Rica)
Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni Fleishmann's glass frog (Costa Rica)
Hyalinobatrachium valeroi Reticulated glass frog (Costa Rica)


Asian & Pacific direct development frogs

Common name

Ceratobatrachus guentheri Solomon Islands leaf frog
Cornufer guppyi Guppy's ground frog
Cornufer sp. Solomon Islands ground frog
Cornufer species 2 Solomon Islands ground frog
Cornufer vitianus Fijian groundfrog
Cornufer vitiensis Fijian treefrog


Common horned frogs

Common name

Ceratophrys species, South American horned frog Ceratophrys cornuta Horned frog, Guyana
Ceratophrys ornata Argentine horned frog, captive
Lepidobatrachus llanensis Budgett's frog (captive)
Lepidobatrachus laevis Budgett's frog (captive)


Fleshbelly frogs

Common name

Pristimantis Craugastor fitzingeri Fitzinger's robber frog, La Selva, Costa Rica
Craugastor megacephalus Broad-headed frog, La Selva, Costa Rica
Craugastor stejnegerianus Stejneger's Robber Frog, Carate, Costa Rica
Pristimantis cerasinus? Limon robber frog, Las Cruces, Costa Rica
Pristimantis cruentus Chiriqui robber frog, Las Cruces, Costa Rica


Poison arrow (dart) frogs

Common name

Dendrobates auratus Green and black poison arrow frog (Osa Peninsular, Costa Rica)
Dendrobates azureus Blue poison arrow frog (captive)
Dendrobates galactonotus The splash-backed poison dart frog (captive)
Dendrobates leucomelas Yellow-banded poison arrow frog (dorsal)
Dendrobates tinctorius Dyeing poison dart frog (captive)
Oophaga granulifera Granular poison arrow frog (captive)
  Oophaga pumilio Strawberry poison dart frog (La Selva, Costa Rica)
  Phyllobates vittatus Golfodulcean/Orange and black poison dart frog (Osa Peninsular, Costa Rica)


Rain frogs

Common name

Dink frog
Diasporus diastema Dink frog, Caretta robber frog (Arenal, Costa Rica)
Eleutherodactylus johnstonei Antilles coqui (Georgetown, Guyana)


Amero-Australian treefrogs

Common name

Dendrosophus microcephalus Small-headed tree frog (Costa Rica)
Duellmanohyla rufioculis Rufous-eyed brook frog (Costa Rica)
Hyla cinerea American green tree frog (United States)
Hypsiboas boans Gladiator or Rusty tree frog (Guyana)
Hypsiboas crepitans Emerald-eyed tree frog (Guyana)
Litoria aurea Green and gold bell frog (New Zealand)
  Litoria caerulea White's tree frog (captive)
  Litoria dahlii Dahl's frog (Australia)
  Litoria ewingii Whistling frog
  Litoria inermis Bumpy rocket frog (Australia)
  Litoria raniformis Growling grass frog (Captive)
  Litoria rothii Roth's tree frog (Australia)
  Osteocephalus leprieurii Cayenne slender-legged tree frog (Guyana)
  Osteopilus septentrionalis Cuban tree frog (Captive)
  Phyllomedusa sauvagii Waxy treefrog  (Captive)
  Phyllomedusa vaillantii Sharp-backed monkey tree frog
  Scinax boulengeri Boulenger's snouted treefrog (Captive)
  Smilisca baudinii Mexican tree frog (Belize)
  Smilisca phaeota Masked treefrog (Costa Rica)
  Trachycephalus resinifictrix Amazon milk frog (Captive)
  Trachycephalus (Phrynohyas) venulosus Veined tree frog
  Tripion petasatus Casque-headed treefrog


Malagasy treefrog

Common name

Malagasy spotted frog    
Heterixalus alboguttatus Starry night reed frog (captive)


New Zealand Frogs

Common name

Leiopelma archeyi Archey's frog
Leiopelma hamiltoni Hamilton's frog (lateral)
Leiopelma hochstetteri Hochstetter's frog
Leiopelma pakeka Maud Island frog


Southern Frogs

Common name

Leptodactylus pentadactylus Smoky jungle frog, La Selva, Costa Rica Leptodactylus guianensis No common name (Surama, Guyana)
Leptodactylus knudseniNo common name (Surama, Guyana)
Leptodactylus longirostris No common name (Surama, Guyana)
Leptodactylus pentadactylus Smoky jungle frog (Costa Rica)
Physalaemus pustulosus Tungara frog (Caves Branch, Belize)



Common name

Boophis albilabris Dagger tree frog
Boophis cf goudoti  
Mantella aurantiaca Red mantella
Mantella expectata Blue-legged mantella
Mantella madagascarensis Painted mantella
Mantella viridis Green mantella


Asian litter frogs

Common name

asian horned frog Megophrys nasuta Asian horned frog (captive)


Narrowmouth frog and toads

Common name

Dyscophus gueneti
Tomato frog (lateral)
Scaphiophryne marmorata
Marbled pudge frog (lateral)



Australasian ground frogs

Common name

Platyplectrum ornatum Ornate burrowing frog (Australia)
Platyplectrum spenceri Spencer's burrowing frog (Australia)
Pseudophryne corroboree Southern Corroboree frog, Melbourne Zoo


True frogs

Common name

Rainforest frog Costa Rica    
Pyxicephalus adspersus African bullfrog (head on)
Rana pipiens Northern leopard frog (lateral)
Rana vaillanti Common marsh frog (Costa Rica)
Rana warzewitschii Brilliant forest frog (Costa Rica)


Afro-Asian treefrogs

Common name

Rhacophorus nigropalmatus - Wallace's Flying Frog juvenile thumb    
Polypedates otilophus File-eared Tree Frog (captive, Fort Worth Zoo)
Rhacophorus nigropalmatus Asian flying frog
Theloderma corticale Vietnamese moss frog



Mexican Burrowing Toad

Common name

Rhinophrynus dorsalis Mexican burrowing toad






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