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Family Hyperoliidae

Amphibiaweb lists 227 species of hyperoliids in 18 genera. They are restricted to sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar and the Seychelles. Sadly, I have only photographed one species and that one was in captivity. Some of the species are brilliantly patterned and are often sexually dimorphic. These reed and bush frogs vary in size from 1.5- 8cm body length. Most are arboreal but others are terrestrial and include species that run or walk rather than hop.

Most hyperoliids lay their eggs over water at the start of the rainy season. One genus, Afrixalus, builds nests by folding and gluing leaves using the egg jelly as the glue. A member of this genus, A. fornasini, is the only frog known to eat other frog eggs.

The genus Heterixalus is restricted to Madgascar.


Heterixalus alboguttatus Starry night reed frog

Malagasy spotted frog

Heterixalus alboguttatus Starry night reed frog, captive






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