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Family Lysiosquillidae

The family Lysiosquillidae contains (as far as I can determine) 64 species in two genera. Mantis shrimps (family Stomatopoda) can be roughly divided into "spearers" on the one hand and "clubbers" on the other. Spearers live in burrows and are ambush predators. The lysiosquillids are all spearers - as far as I know the others are all "clubbers".

All mantis shrimp possess extraordinary vision but this will be discussed at greater length in my discussion of the family Odontodactylidae.

Lysiosquilla species

Lysiosquilla sp

Lysiosquilla sp. Raja Ampat

Lysiosquilla tredecimdentata Lagoon mantis shrimp

Lysiosquilla tredecimdentata, Lembeh Straits

Lysiosquilla tredecimdentata, Lembeh Straits




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