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Hoplatilus starcki Bluehead tilefish

Bluehead tilefish

FISH 3654 Hoplatilus starcki, Bluehead tilefish, Kadavu, Fiji. This exquisite pair was part of a group of four, the first I've ever seen.

Bluehead tilefish grop of three

FISH 3646 Hoplatilus starcki, three Bluehead tilefish, Kadavu, Fiji.

Malacanthus brevirostris Flagtail blanquillo

flagtail blanquillo

FISH 3841 Malacanthus brevirostris Flagtail blanquillo, Kadavu, Fiji.

Malacanthus latovittatus Blue blanquillo

Blue blanquillo

Malacanthus latovittatus Blue blanquillo, Mamanucas, Fiji. Fish was very wary.







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