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Family Mysidae

The family Mysidae is the most speciose of the crustaceans with 942 species in 93 genera. The family is widely distributed in diverse habitats, ranging from isolated freshwater cave systems to lakes, rivers, coastal waters and the deep sea. They are called opossum shrimps because the females carry eggs and developing young in a marsupium (pouch). Mysids are often important components of their ecosystems and can occur at very high densities.

Mysids can easily be distinguihsed from true shrimps as they lack a rostral spine (a projection from the carapace that usually extends beyond the eyes).

Tenagomysis novaezealandiae, New Zealand Opossum shrimp

Tenagomysis novaezealandiae, (Family Mysidae), Ashley river mouth-1958

Tenagomysis novaezealandiae, (Family Mysidae), Ashley River mouth, New Zealand - 1958

Tenagomysis novaezealandiae,, Ashley river mouth, near Kaiapoi-2005

Tenagomysis novaezealandiae, Ashley river mouth, near Kaiapoi, New Zealand -2005




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