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The phylum Nemertea contains around 1200 species mostly distributed in the world's oceans but some are found in freshwater and on land. Unlike the annelid worms, the ribbon worms are not segmented. They are nearly all carnivores. Members of the Order Enopla possess a venomous stylet in their proboscis through which they envenomate prey. Toxins in the venom kill or immobilize the victim and start the digestive process. The victim is then dragged to the mouth and ingested.

Nemerteans boast the longest animal ever recorded, a beached ribbon worm that measured 54m (177 feet). Most are much smaller.

Terrestrial nemertine

Fijian terrestrial nemertine

Fijian terrestrial nemertine. But it could be a flat worm ...

Notospermus geniculatus?

Notospermus, Nemertine Sea of Cortez-6361

Notospermus (geniculatus?), Nemertine Sea of Cortez-6361




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