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Family Nereididae

The family Nereididae contains around 500 species in 42 genera. They ae widely distributed in all the world's oceans. They are typically omnivores but some are carnivores. In some cultures rag worms are considered a delicacy - in others they are used as bait.

Unusually amongst the polychaetes, members of the sub-family Namanereidinae (try saying that after a couple of cocktails) may live terrestrially or even in caves. I discovered and subsequently described a new freshwater polychaete from Fiji, Namalycastis vuwaensis - subsequently (and probably incorrectly) synonymised with Namanareis tiriteae.

I was also excited to find a Namanereidinid living in the leaf axils of Fijian pandanus. This species, Lycastopsis catarractarum is also known from Indonesia. You can read that paper here.


Namanereis tiriteae (vuwaensis)

Namamereis tiritae

Namanereis tiriteae (vuwaensis) from above the Wainisavulevu falls, Viti Levu, Fiji. SEM photo.

Namanereis tiriteae spinigers

Namanereis tiriteae (vuwaensis) spinigers (bristles on the parapodia).




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