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Arctocephalus forsteri New zealand fur seal
Arctocephalus forsteri juvenile New Zealand fur seal checks me out. Open Bay Islands, New Zealand
Photographer's nightmare .. black Arctocephalus forsteri New Zealand fur seal pups against a white background. Open Bay Island, New Zealand.
Spy-hopping Arctocephalus forsteri, New Zealand fur seal, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand.
Mirounga leonina Southern Elephant seal
Mirounga leonina Southern elephant seal. Young male on Westland beach. New Zealand.
Phoca vitulina Harbor seal
Phoca vitulina captive harbor seal at the Denver Zoo enjoying some sunshine


Phoca vitulina Harbor seal head shot. Denver Zoo.
Phocarctos hookeri Hooker's sealion
Male Hooker's sealions Phocarctos hookeri on Snares Island, New Zealand
Hooker's sealions, Phocarctos hookeri, on beach at Enderby Island, Auckland Islands, New Zealand.
Phocarctos hookeri, Hooker's sealions having sex. The female doesn't seem to be enjoying it much! Enderby island, Auckland islands, New Zealand.
Female Hooker's sealion, Phocarctos hookeri, taking refuge? amongst Bulbinella rossi meadow on Enderby island, Auckland Islands, New Zealand.








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