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Family Salamdridae

According to Amphibiaweb there are 113 species of salamandrids in 21 genera. They are mostly distributed in Europe and Asia although some species reach North Africa. Two genera are endemic to North America and one of these, Taricha contains species with highly toxic skin secretions. T. granulosa has been known to kill humans when ingested and the tetrodotoxin acts quickly.

Salamandrids are unusual amongst amphibia in that they carry out internal fertilisation. The male produces a spermatophore and then manoeuvres the female over it until she allows it to penetrate her cloaca. There is significant male competition for females - to the extent of removing previously deposited spermatophores or placing a new one over the one previously deposited. In some species the female is able to store sperm in spermathecae until she is ready to use them to fertilise her eggs.

A few species in Europe lay direct development eggs which hatch into tiny salamanders. Others lay eggs in water bodies with a typical amphibian larval stage.


Neurergus kaiseri Iranian harlequin salamander

Neurergus kaiseri iranian harlequin salamander Captive

SALA 8178 Neurergus kaiseri Iranian harlequin salamander. Captive

Neurergus kaiseri Iranian harlequin newt or Lorestan newt captive

SALA 8183 Neurergus kaiseri Iranian harlequin newt or Lorestan newt, captive

Notophthalmus meridionalis Black-spotted newt

Notophthalmus meridionalis meridionalis Black-spotted newt

SALA 8760 Notophthalmus meridionalis Black-spotted newt.

Notophthalmus meridionalis meridionalis Black-spotted newt captive

SALA 8758 Notophthalmus meridionalis Black-spotted newt captive.






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