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Family Zanclidae

No need to allude to Fishbase for this family. There is one species in one genus!

Moorish idols are very widely distributed due to their long-lived larval stage which enables spectacular dispersal. Moorish idols are found from the Sea of Cortez south to Peru and all the way through the tropical Pacific and throughout the Indian Ocean. They were supposedly given their common name because the Moors considered them lucky fish. I'm sceptical of this explanation.

Moorish idols shouldn't be kept in captivity, except perhaps by major aquaria as they are hard to keep.


Zanclus cornutus Moorish Idol

Moorish idol

FISH 8203 Zanclus cornutus Moorish Idol Kri Eco, Raja Ampat.

Moorish Idol Raja Ampat

FISH 1607 Zanclus cornutus Moorish idol, Taveuni, Fiji.

Moorish idol taveuni Fiji

FISH 1607 Zanclus cornutus Moorish idol Raja Ampat, West Papua.







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